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The History of the website

The initial idea followed a surprise letter from Mike Cresser, a former NAIAD shipmate who managed to locate an ex-shipmate, Tim O'Leary, together with some other members of 3MP Mess. A small reunion followed in 2000 together with the posting of a very basic website. This was little more than a visitor's book and front-page. Not long after, Tim left the country for 3-years and the site had to fend for itself. When he returned he was surprised to find around 40 entries in the visitor's book and over 1,000 recorded visits logged on the homepage. This prompted a re-think and the site received a modest update together with the registration of the domain name

Following the update it was again left dormant for 3-years and the rights to expired, together with any associate email addresses. This period also saw the demise of the first visitor's book in 2005, as the hosting company changed their administration procedures and access to the data was withdrawn, but this has since been recovered.

The domain is registered by the webmaster, who has sole rights of ownership. The site remains a non-commercial, non-profit making venture although the Association has kindly agreed to donate annually towards the cost of maintaining the site.

How the website operates

Presently, the webmaster is the sole administrator and owner of the rights to The site content was moved, in 2011, for the fourth time since inception, starting out from a free site provided by Yahoo, via hosting servers in Canada. That move had many advantages, as the Monte Carlo servers provided support for many new features, one of which provided the ability to host a forum. Subsequently the Naiad members page has been withdrawn and the visitors book is now 'Read-Only' until further work on the web-site is completed.

The website is currently hosted by 1&1 Web Hosting.  It is hoped that a number of the original features will be re-established including the full photo gallery, since all the original content has been retained for re-publication to the website.

The website is expected to continue to evolve and be a valuable resource for anyone with an interest in HMS Naiad.

Contact Us

Chairman  - Antony Atkinson
Vice Chairman - Phil Webster

Secretary - John Ross
Treasurer - Phil Webster
Webmaster  - Roy Crawford

Feedback and comment is welcome. We are always looking for ways to keep the site interesting.  We appreciate all contributions whether it be information, corrections, photographs or anecdotes.  We will endeavour to acknowledge all contributions and will withhold or withdraw information if requested on reasonable grounds.  Please contact the webmaster at

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