Amazon Class Frigate | 1797-1866
Battle of Trafalgar (1805), Basque Roads 1809

Built at Limehouse on the Thames, by Hall and Co., and commissioned in 1798, she was a fifth-rate ship of 1,020 tons. Naiad had thirty-eight guns with a crew of 284 men. One of the earliest types of man-of-war to be classed a frigate. Remained in service for 69 years and saw considerable action during the Napoleonic wars against both the French and Spanish. Naiad fought at Trafalgar and ended her service in 1866, when she was sold to the Pacific Steam Navigation Company and was eventually broken up in 1898. Naiad was the longest surviving ship from Trafalgar, apart from HMS Victory.

Naiad tows the Belleisle towards Gibraltar, 23 October 1805

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