This month’s short picture gallery shows attendees at last year’s reunion in Liverpool enjoying the Saturday evening gala dinner in The Liner Hotel.
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We invite you to find out more about the four Naiads that have been commissioned for the British Royal Navy since 1797.  The ships have had interesting histories ranging from the Battle of Trafalgar, the WWII Malta Convoys and on to the Icelandic Cod War in the 1970's and Gulf Patrol during the Iran/Iraq war.  

The memory of the ships and those who served aboard is being kept alive with the formation of the HMS Naiad Association in 2011.  The association is open-to-all and we welcome all contact and information that will help us honour the ships, men, family, friends and loved-ones of those who served aboard throughout the years.  We particularly welcome anyone with experiences of the latest ships that served in World War II and the most recent Leander class frigate.

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Last Year’s Reunion - LIVERPOOL

Last October the association concluded another successful reunion in Liverpool.  Attendees enjoyed catching-up with old friends they last saw in London in 2014 and welcomed some new friends who were attending the event for the first time.  Attendees enjoyed the sights and sounds of Liverpool including an impromptu visit to a Karaoke bar on Friday evening; Followed on Saturday, with a stroll around Albert Docks, a visit to the roof terrace of the White Star Line building and a metro trip to Gallaghers Pub and Barber Shop to watch the Wales-South Africa rugby match. A gala dinner was held on Saturday evening where a substantial amount of money was raised for Galanos House; where former shipment John D’Albert is being cared for.

Photographs of last year’s event are posted to our Facebook page.

HMS Naiad WWII Cruiser

The World War II cruiser had a short 3-year commission, eventually sunk in March 1942 whilst steaming across the Mediterranean bound for Alexandria.  Under constant attack, she was hit by a single torpedo by a U-Boat just north of Egypt.

To read more and see images of her in action, plus a photograph of the survivors visit c93 dido class cruiser..               

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Bristol 2016

The Association will hold this year’s reunion in October, in Bristol at the Mercure Holland Spa Hotel.

At last year’s AGM in Liverpool it was agreed that the association would investigate the logistics and organisation of staging this year’s event in Gibraltar.  Unfortunately staging an event outside of the United Kingdom, proved difficult for a number of reasons therefore the majority of the members agreed that Bristol was a very good alternative.  

The reunion will be held over the weekend of Friday 14th to Sunday 16th October. It is hoped that a visit to SS Great Britain can be arranged.

Updates on event planning will be posted to the website in due course and also on our Facebook page.  If you have any interest (or advice) in attending this year’s event, please contact us or click here for more information.

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Galanos House - Thank you

The association has donated the £400 raised at their 2015 reunion in Liverpool to The Royal British Legion Care Home, Galanos House in Southam, Warwickshire. Our former shipmate John D’Albert is currently being cared for by the wonderful staff who work there.   

Many former crew members from the early 80s will surely remember John from HMS Naiad’s 1980 Far East trip when the frigate visited many countries including Turkey, Kenya, Pakistan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. John, now 57, is a former Royal Navy medic.

 John has been diagnosed with dementia and motor neurone disease and is expected to live the rest of his life at Galanos House.

Galanos House is run by the Royal British Legion. For more details or to find out more about John, you can visit Friends of John Dalbert on Facebook.