This month’s short picture gallery shows those that attended the 2014 Reunion in London, last October.  

Click here to find out more details about the 2015 event, planned in Liverpool.

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We invite you to find out more about the four Naiads that have been commissioned for the British Royal Navy since 1797.  The ships have had interesting histories ranging from the Battle of Trafalgar, the WWII Malta Convoys and on to the Icelandic Cod War in the 1970's and Gulf Patrol during the Iran/Iraq war.  

The memory of the ships and those who served aboard is being kept alive with the formation of the HMS Naiad Association in 2011.  The association is open-to-all and we welcome all contact and information that will help us honour the ships, men, family, friends and loved-ones of those who served aboard throughout the years.  We particularly welcome anyone with experiences of the latest ships that served in World War II and the most recent Leander class frigate.

Enjoy your visit and feel free to  contact us.. with comments and feedback.

BAGSY Baker; BUNGY Edwards, BUNNY Warren; CHATS Harris; DINGER Bell; NOBBY Clarke; PINCHER Martin; RATTLER Morgan; SOAPY Watson; SHARKY Ward; SPUD Murphy; TAB Hunter; TANSY Lee; JOCK (any Scot), TAFF (any Welshman); PADDY (any Irishman); GEORDIE (anyone from Newcastle); YORKY (any Yorkshireman)

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Hong Kong Jenny

The Association has received the sad news that Hong Kong Jenny passed away recently.

For those that visited Hong Kong during their time in the Royal Navy they may well remember Jenny leading a side-party of girls who attached themselves to ships when they arrived in Hong Kong, taking over the domestic economy and husbandry of each vessel.

They washed and iron, cleaned ship, chipped rust and painted, attended as buoy jumper, and dressed in their best, waited with grace and charm upon guests at cocktail parties.

This Year’s Reunion - LIVERPOOL!

Following the success of last year’s Reunion, this year’s event will be held on Friday 16th October at The Liner Hotel in Liverpool. Based on 2 nights bed-&-breakfast, full gala dinner with drinks, the following rates* are available:

Single room, £220*
Double Room, £275*
Twin Room (sharing), £138*

The £25 non-refundable should be paid by April 30th -
Full balance must be paid by August 30th or you will not be able to attend.

*Prices are for fully paid-up members, if you are not a member please add £40 surplus to the prices. By becoming a member (fee is currently £20) you can avoid paying extra.


HMS Naiad WWII Cruiser

The World War II cruiser had a short 3-year commission, eventually sunk in March 1942 whilst steaming across the Mediterranean bound for Alexandria.  Under constant attack, she was hit by a single torpedo by a U-Boat just north of Egypt.

To read more and see images of her in action, plus a photograph of the survivors visit c93 dido class cruiser..               

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If you’d like to contact us, we are on some of the most popular social media platforms and hope to expand our presence in the coming months.  Please feel free to get in touch with us either by Facebook, Google+ or Linkedin. Our gallery is viewable by visiting JAlbum.  

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Are  you an association member?  Gibraltar 2016 - Your thoughts please.

The Association has been investigating a proposed reunion in Gibraltar for 2016.

Looking to stay at the Bristol Hotel situated in Cathedral Square in the heart of the town which has 60 bedrooms all with en-suite facilities, this would cost somewhere in the region of £164 for the three nights (Friday Saturday and Sunday on a B&B basis). Flying with Monarch Airlines, a holiday airline from Manchester leaving on Friday and returning on Monday, this would cost approximately £272 per person. In addition consideration would need to given to meals and the most important thing for most of us, a few pints here and there. These prices are based on staying in SEPTEMBER and not our usual weekend reunion in October. Clearly there are some serious cost issues involved here, and it may be that the actual osts will be prohibitive.  In advance of this year’s reunion it is thought that another venue should be chosen (Portsmouth, Nottingham, Birmingham or another UK venue).

For obvious reasons feedback is required from all members.  This is a call for all members to understand this and come back to Bob or Ian with their individual thoughts so that the AGM in Liverpool can be prepared to debate this and make an early decision.

e-mail your feedback to:

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